M&A Advisors & Services Providers

You have crafted your professional network, it is time to expand those efforts to bring in more quality deals and answer that eternal business development question, what’s my connection?

SPS provides Advisors & Service Providers with the key resource in M&A relationship building

The SPS Advisors Portal redefines networking and relationship building in the M&A market for advisors and service providers. Using private equity and M&A transaction data, users can leverage existing internal and personal relationships to expand their business network based on target criteria and closed deals.

Benefits and perks

Comprehensive M&A Data

Query deals, PE firms, intermediaries, and professionals in a dynamic setting, customized for your target market.

SPS Alerts

Combines the power of SPS research, tailored to your investment criteria, delivering real-time, actionable data to your mobile device.

SPS Fusion

Integrating with leading CRM platforms to enable users to access real-time customized M&A deal and professional data.

Redefine Networking

Expand professional M&A network by identifying desired warm leads through your existing relationships with our customized approach.

New Deal Sources

Identify and reach out to new relevant deal sources in a timely manner right from your dashboard.

Optimize Business Travel

Search for active, relevant professionals, that are not currently thinking of you, to optimize your business and marketing travel.

Professional Contact Data

Analyze comprehensive professional-level detail on new, relevant relationships.

Mobile Networking

Combines the power of the SPS Portal with the dynamic features of the app to transform business development on the go.