Tinder, eHarmony, and the like prove that Cupid needs encouragement. The plump fellow is preoccupied nocking his arrow to shoot anxious lovelorn contenders. Give Cupid a breather, and take fate into your own hands.

Personal relationships are getting a boost from our mobile-first, algorithmic lifestyle, and our business relationships should take heed. Social media has mainstreamed the art of keeping tabs on those dear to us (and not so dear). How can this be applied to your most treasured deal relationships?

Embracing data to grow relationships

In the spirit of relationships and candy hearts, more than 565 transactions have traded in the social networking and relationship development space since 2014. Suppose these types of deals are of interest to your business, how are you going to research this niche space to curate a list of worthwhile relationships that can lead to your next deal? An investment banker’s time is just as valuable as Cupid’s, and possibility more strained.

Approximately 340 investors capitalized on these specialized social networking transactions, much of the investors were strategic (86%), but then again, there were 46 unique financial investors. Both entity-types do comprise your list of buyers, and it’s prudent to understand who the lucrative relationships are. However, if you are focused on sponsors, 46 unique firms are still a lot of relationships to manage for one focused subsector.

Ah, this relationship is just right

Researching this data is taxing enough, yet it’s even more challenging to eliminate the noise of those investors who are closing too few deals, compounded with those closing too many deals. Transforming this raw research into intelligent information will reveal your Goldilocks zone of deal relationships that desire cultivation.

Once the Goldilocks zone is established the relationship monitoring begins. As I mentioned earlier, social media, including LinkedIn, has mainstreamed this behavior; it’s totally acceptable to stalk! Yet, for a time-strapped advisor, how can they do the work of Cupid (discover those rewarding relationships) and stay up-to-date and monitor the activity of these valuable relationships?

Intelligent Automation (IA): Stalking in the name of deal sourcing

Possessing intimate knowledge or being au fait with your deal sourcing relationships is where you make the most money. As mentioned last week, SPS is on the cusp of releasing its own IA with its customized notifications and alerts. To facilitate the practice of monitoring professionals or firms going forward (as it’s the most challenging aspect), embrace automation.

With advancements in IA and using SPS notifications, advisors will be able to monitor those valuable associations, and eliminate those deemed irrelevant. For instance, flag a person or firm of interest, and receive updates each time this source is active or involved in a transaction. Use data intelligently to become familiar with their profile and they type of deals they are looking to invest in. With these advancements, we can give Cupid a well-deserved break.

How will you find the time and resources to identify and tomber amoureux de these relationships?


Last week’s deals today

January 29 – February 2, 2018

~93 deals traded!

Deal of the week

In the largest Media deal last week, Meredith Corp. officially completed its acquisition of Time Inc. Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley both advised on this transaction.

Most active subsectors
  • IT: Software & Services
  • Industrial: Equipment & Products
  • Financial: Insurance
  • Food: Consumable Food Products
Most active cities
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Atlanta
  • Chicago


Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash.

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