Community is the fabric of our existence. Each one of us participates in multiple communities that significantly influence our lives. As an M&A professional, it is difficult to underestimate the vast power of the community that surrounds you. In fact, one of the most lucrative networks available to you is comprised of the personal influencers in your deal community.

When chasing a deal or prospect, it can be challenging to get yourself or firm in front of the right person. Any sales person with experience cold-calling knows the low-rate of success in this tactic and the thick-skin that it takes. LinkedIn does a decent job of circumventing this challenge with its degree of separation tool. However, these connections are not always the most useful to our professional work – we cannot deny a LinkedIn request from our friends, family, or high school classmates! Moreover, we all have a handful of connections that we may not know or recognize if we bumped into them on the street!

It is critical to leverage any connection available to obtain an advantage or edge in the deal sourcing process. If there is a way to make an inroad with a prospect, always opt for that approach. To augment an M&A professional’s deal community and provide an actionable solution to networking with the right professionals, SPS designed a unique one-degree of separation tool to access the multitude of active investment bankers, M&A attorneys, private equity professionals, lenders, and service providers, which are pertinent to your investment strategy.

To facilitate SPS’ one-degree of separation, the first step is to identify the relevant players in the market. By employing actionable-data to analyze the entire M&A market, SPS can determine which firms or professionals to target based on specific industries, regions, and – most importantly – deal history. From here, SPS identifies which professionals you may have a soft or warm introduction to, based on their transaction history, and who in your professional network has done deals with them. You may notice that a relevant deal source that you would like to be acquainted with previously worked on a deal with John Smith, your freshman roommate from college. Give John a call and ask if he can provide a warm introduction to this potential new deal source.

There are countless ways to connect with the right deal professional. Did a lawyer that advised on a sale of one of your businesses, work on a deal with an investment banker that you would like to be introduced to? Can a former colleague introduce you to the new business development professional at his firm? By working with SPS, the right data is available to identify warmer leads through existing relationships, which typically have an 80-90% chance of yielding a meeting with the desired party. Capitalizing on these relationships and applying them to the investors that you would like to be acquainted with is key for M&A advisors and service providers to review as many relevant deals as possible. Moreover, as the relationship network matures, the ability to identify relevant professionals that can introduce applicable investors will grow exponentially.

This data is germane to your individual career; it is the network that is curated through the years from both a professional and personal perspective. You spent the time constructing your professional network, it is time to capitalize on those efforts and unleash the power of your deal community. Your closest relationships could be the influencers or fount for hundreds of new, relevant sources of deal flow.


Last week’s deals today

September 4 – September 7, 2018

~71 deals traded!


Deal of the week

The Boyd Corporation was bought out last week by Goldman Sachs from equity investor Genstar Capital. Robert W. Baird acted as the sell-side advisor on this transaction. The Boyd Corporation is based in Modesto, CA and is a provider of gasket, sealing, and insulation components to the heavy truck, recreational vehicle, enterprise electronics, aerospace and consumer electronics markets.


Most active subsectors
  • IT: Software & services
  • Financial: Insurance
  • Industrial: Equipment and products
  • Financial: Services
Most active cities
  • New York
  • Toronto
  • Raleigh



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