This marks the 81st Source post, my closing contribution, as well my last day with Sutton Place Strategies. For 67 columns, I’ve analyzed, ruminated, and endeavored to offer a peerless perspective on the M&A market. It has been my pleasure and a creative, growing experience; akin to my tenure with SPS. When I proposed a blog in the Fall of 2016 – I’ll admit – I had not the slightest idea what I was suggesting. Nadim questioned me, “what will you write about 52 times a year?” I shrugged and countered, “eh, I’ll figure it out” – which too often is my mode to life.

SPS originated the Source for all the reasons that a company dabbling in 21st century digital-marketing starts a blog: lead generation, engaging content, SEO, and whatnot. Yet, from Nadim’s initial post, the Source offers an observation on the M&A market in an approach and style that is not found elsewhere in the industry. Each week, my colleagues, or myself, spend time digging through SPS market data, pulling comprehensive reports, and using all the new features in the SPS Portal to craft a narrative and tell a story. This is much to Brenden’s chagrin, as I inevitably found a bug in the system, or persuaded him to create some overengineered excel model for me to examine the numbers from a slightly different perspective. Some posts bested others, and a few were rushed during busy weeks; yet, I thoroughly enjoyed developing, drafting, and finalizing the Source each week. And, I can only hope you appreciated my commentary.

The Italian language (which I haphazardly studied in High School) does not have a direct translation for goodbye. Ciao, Arrivederci – simply translate to see you soon, or see you later. Enjoy the Summer and stay tuned; the Source shall live on, albeit with a different voice. Give the SPS team some time to grieve my parting.


Last week’s deals today

June 11 – 15, 2018

86 deals traded

Deal of the week

The big telecom-media news last week included AT&T completing its acquisition of Time Warner for $85.4 billion. The news came a few days after a federal judge ruled that the deal does not violate antitrust laws. The sell-side advisors for the transaction included, Allen & Co., Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and senior lending was provided by J.P. Morgan Chase.

Most active subsectors
  • IT: Software & services
  • Industrial: Equipment & products
  • Services: Misc., asset light
  • Financial: Services
Most active cities
  • Chicago
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Raleigh





Photo by Pete Pedroza on Unsplash

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