New York, November 16, 2018 – On November 15, Nadim Malik, CEO of Sutton Place Strategies (SPS), participated in Thursday’s webinar: Data Analytics and Technology is Reshaping Private Equity Deal Sourcing. Don’t Be Left Behind! held by Navatar in partnership with SPS.

The topic of the discussion was technology’s paradoxical ability to connect people, while also providing an outlet to disassociate from reality. Ultimately, technology can be utilized to enhance relationship building rather than making it harder to connect with others. By providing tools to complement the human aspects of relationship building, technology can help improve a PE firm’s deal sourcing strategy through analyzing data and using automation to increase efficiency and relevancy.

Tools such as SPS alerts and the yearly DOBR report provide PE firms with data about new intermediaries, market visibility, broken deals, and strategic direction on how to best optimize business development. The goal is to build better relationships, and data analytics and technology saves time and directs you to those you should be connected to, leading to stronger and longer lasting relationships.

Also speaking in the webinar was Ketan Khandkar, COO of Navatar.

To watch the webinar and learn more, click here.

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