As we all have shifted to working remotely, the current pandemic has led to spring cleaning in our homes and our home offices. While we tidy up our workspace, the question we find many people asking is, “Where should we focus our time?”. The answer will depend on your internal processes with an emphasis on improving sourcing strategies and digital networking. Here’s how we’re helping our clients stay ahead:

1. Conference Report

Over a thousand professionals planned to attend ACG Intergrowth this week for the sake of networking. By cross referencing the attendee list against your target, you can setup calls (or even better, video chats and happy hours!) with the most relevant firms and professionals.

2. Pipeline Analysis and Alerts

Review deals that you liked over the last few years to identify companies that never traded. Many deals seen this year have been placed on hold , setting up pipeline alerts will serve as a reminder to follow up on high priority deals or as a notification on when those deals have traded.

3. Direct to Sponsor Sourcing

Identify active portfolio companies held by other sponsors that meet your criteria and may be looking to exit soon.

4. Advanced Advisor Analysis (AAA) Report

Identifying firms and professionals who are closing deals within your target will help streamline your outreach process. We offer an Advanced Advisor Analysis (AAA) Report to our clients, which evaluates current relationships and identifies trending, new, low coverage, and inactive advisors.

5. Distressed and Restructuring Bankers

Build out relationships with bankers that focus on turnaround opportunities within your target.

6. CRM Integration (including Salesforce, DealCloud & Dynamo)

Contact info will go stale but integrating SPS data to your CRM will allow you to sync data and search for deals, firms, or professionals within your CRM.

With everything going on due to COVID-19, it’s impossible not to feel the physical, psychological, emotional or financial impacts, in one way or another. While there is no clear consensus on when things will get back to normal, we can all agree that this is not permanent. When the curve flattens or a vaccine is developed, we hope you are prepared to hit the ground running!

If you’re interested in hearing how other sponsors are adapting to the changes in market conditions, check out our webinar from last week on “Sourcing Strategies for Uncertain Times”.

Last week’s deals today

April 12-18, 2020
~49 deals traded

Deal of the week

Accelalpha, a Washington based provider of business and IT consulting services, was acquired by Century Park Capital Partners. Meridian Capital acted as the sell-side financial advisor. Winston & Strawn provided buy-side legal advice for this transaction. No terms were provided.

Most active subsectors
  • IT: Software & services
  • Services: Misc., asset light
  • Services:: Marketing and related
  • Industrial: Misc. equipment and products
  • Services: Facilities maintenance and landscaping
Most active cities
  • Dallas
  • San Francisco
  • Marietta
  • Toronto

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

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