2018 was Intelligent.

During 2018, SPS was laser focused on Intelligent Integration, Intelligent Automation, and Intelligent Application. These three principles guided SPS’ product development and communication process, laying the foundation to advance deal sourcing in the coming years. A significant part of the intelligence strategy included the launch of SPS Fusion earlier this year.

Intelligent Integration

SPS Fusion is the formalization of SPS’ data strategy designed with business development and deal originators in mind. By integrating with leading CRM solutions in the M&A and private equity universe, SPS Fusion enables users to access all their pertinent deal, firm, and professional contact data in a single location. This empowers subscribers to focus on applying data, not gathering it.

Highlights from Fusion include:

  • Partnering with leading CRM platforms to enable subscribers to access real-time customized M&A deal and professional data
  • Access to business intelligence to help grow and foster new and relevant relationships
  • Faster path to closed deals, new professionals and firms to network with
  • Save valuable time and resources with automatic contact info and deal information updates in your CRM

Intelligent Automation

Deal Sourcing Robots may not be in our immediate future, but to extract the value of intelligent integrated data, SPS unveiled its notification system. These programmatic SPS Alerts are designed to save users time and resources to distill the information that is valuable to their deal sourcing strategy. Would you like a weekly recap of all the transactions that traded in your size range and sector? Or, start the week off strong with a Monday recap of all the new intermediaries that closed a deal for the first time in the prior week?

Automating factions of your deal sourcing process are not robots taking over your work, it’s working more effectively to manage your time and streamline your deal sourcing process. Focus your attention on the parts of deal sourcing that can’t be automated and require the human-element.

Intelligent Application

It’s Thursday and there are six working days left in the year, and you may or may not be focusing on your 2019 deal origination strategy right now. However, the Intelligent Application aspect of the SPS three-prong data strategy could very well be the jolt your strategy needs to be successful next year. As dry powder continues to set records, and now add the uncertainty of higher interest rates, what will this mean for your strategy? Choose to apply intelligent data and analytics towards you deal sourcing in 2019 and you may achieve better fund performance.

Happy Holidays from SPS and all the best in the New Year!


Last week’s deals today

December 10 – 14, 2018
~90 deals traded


Deal of the week

Lumentum Holdings acquired Oclaro Inc., a San Jose based manufacturer of optical components and modules for the long-haul, metro and data center markets. The transaction is valued at $1.8 billion. Both Jefferies & Co. and Stephens Inc. acted as sell-side advisors and Jones Day acted as the sell-side legal advisor.  
Most active subsectors
  • IT: Software & services
  • Financial: Insurance
  • Services: Marketing & related
  • Media: Marketing & sales services
  • Industrial: Equipment & products
Most active cities
  • Atlana
  • San Francisco
  • Austin

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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