We’re proud to announce that SPS recently released the first of several product enhancements slated for 2020. In this first phase of our update we’ve upgraded our portal dashboard with new tools to bring you a query center with one-click reports, a conference evaluator, our Private Equity harvest report, and deal highlights from your own CRM pipeline! In addition to these new capabilitites the dashboard is now customizable, allowing users to add and remove features as well as reorder them with a simple drag and drop. Let’s breakdown the features of each new tile.

1. Conference Evaluator

While being on the road and attending a conference may feel like a distant memory, those days will return, hopefully sooner than later. When that time comes this tool will allow you to easily cross reference conference attendee lists against the SPS database using a simple copy and paste, with no need to scrub, reformat or cleanse lists ahead of time. You’ll receive a file that identifies both the companies and contacts in attendance that have closed deals relevant to your target over the past three years.

In addition to identifying relevant professionals at an event you are already registered to attend, use this tool to pre-screen events for relevant attendees or as part of a data cleanup exercise to identify the activity of firms and contacts in your CRM.

2. Private Equity Harvest

If you’re open to sourcing from other sponsors then you’re likely familiar with our annual Harvest Report, and our update in 2019 that enabled you to run these reports on demand in the SPS Portal. With the addition of the Private Equity Harvest element to the dashboard, this powerful tool will identify all companies acquired by a PE Firm that are still actively held in their portfolio. It’s an excellent resource for sourcing potential Secondary Buyouts, identifying opportunistic minority investments, and getting ahead of a deal before it goes to market.

3. Pipeline Activity

Get real time intel on all deals your firm has sourced in the past 12 months and easily identify those that are still on the market vs those that have closed. With real-time updates and intuitive filters to screen by deal stage, intermediary, description, industry and other fields; the Pipeline Activity tile simplifies the process of circling back on previously sourced opportunities to generate organic deal flow.

4. Query Center

The new Query Center enables Business Development professionals to derive insights and focus on areas where their funds are best positioned to generate opportunity. Along with all of your saved searches and those shared by your colleagues, it includes a selection of our most popular and commonly requested reports, all in one location and accessible with a single click.

We’ve also brought several reports that were previously only available on demand from the SPS team to the Query Center. Run advanced analyses such as Missed Deals, Inactive Advisors, or the Bid-Buy Report at anytime without needing to contact the SPS team for a bespoke request.

With all these new tools, we’re excited to help our clients get actionable data faster than ever before! Request a demo or reach out to your relationship manager if you’d like to review any of these features in depth.

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May 9-15, 2020
~71 deals traded

Deal of the week

Novacap completed the sale of its portfolio company, PKWARE Inc., to Thompson Street Capital Partners. The Milwaukee-based firm provides data-centric security solutions for various computing platforms. America’s Growth Capital (dba AGC Partners) acted as the sell-side financial advisor.

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