PE add-on trends, why they’re popular, breakdown of growth, impact on deal sourcing and SPS Portal

What will come of add-ons in a market correction? Private equity add-ons are an increasingly popular investment strategy to deploy capital in this competitive environment. Over the three-year period from 2016 to 2018, there was a 29.4% increase in the … Read More

Is there a Mezzanine market rebound?

Notable deal from Q4 2018 Indiana-based novelty sock retailer, For Bare Feet (dba FBF Originals), was acquired by Taglich Partners. Spell Capital Mezzanine Partners provided both subordinated debt and equity, and Texas Capital Bank provided financing, in support of the … Read More

Who are the new financial investors in 2018?

Bob Goldsmith has a detailed piece in Forbes this month entitled, “The Specter of Recession, Private Company Valuation and M&A.” Goldsmith contrasts the successes of 2018 with that of the pending turning business cycle for M&A in 2019. The most … Read More

Does this shutdown present an opportunity for arbitrage in M&A?

In the ever accumulating tally of businesses and industries impacted by the longest government shutdown to date, to include private equity backed M&A and IPO markets should not come as a complete surprise. Arleen Jacobius of P&I argues that the … Read More

M&A legal advisors: How to grow in 2019

Writing in the American Lawyer this week, Keith Fall and Ross Weil argue for law firms to consider amplifying their existing private equity practice in a piece entitled “For Law Firms, a Deep Dive Into Private Equity Can Be Lucrative.” … Read More

To buy and to hold, from this day forward

Is 2019 the year of the long-term strategy? In this hyperactive and crowded marketplace, teeming with cash, firms are urgently formulating alternative strategies that differ from their peers to drive greater returns . A recent Wall Street Journal article noted … Read More

Let’s start the New Year right!

Private equity fundraising has set records and with that firms are sitting on a heap of dry powder – leading many investors to wonder how best to put that capital to use in 2019. In a crowded market it is … Read More

SPS Fusion – having all your systems integrated and aligned for 2019

2018 was Intelligent. During 2018, SPS was laser focused on Intelligent Integration, Intelligent Automation, and Intelligent Application. These three principles guided SPS’ product development and communication process, laying the foundation to advance deal sourcing in the coming years. A significant … Read More

A year in review of your pipeline

It happens every year in every industry, pressed with a deadline, reporters and journalists alike phone-it-in with an infamous, nostalgic year-in-review piece. The articles are click bait, drive traffic, and we all fall for it. Besides, in this hyperactive news … Read More

Mapping out your deal sourcing

As mentioned last week, the Source is focusing on strategies to hit the ground running on January 2nd. If December is slowing down for you and your fund, it is a good time to consult a map to see where … Read More