Deal sourcing tips: Preparing for 2019

There are less than four working weeks left in 2018, and what a year it has been for M&A. For the next several posts, the Source will focus on year-end strategy tips and insights to prepare for a successful 2019. … Read More

Looking down from the mezzanine

Looking down from the mezzanine The Mezzanine Market Perspective for the third quarter of 2018 is now available. As SPS has indicated for quite some time, mezzanine transactions continue to depreciate year-over year, including a 41.6% drop in activity for … Read More

Travel smarter, like it’s 2019

To be of Service It’s never too early to start considering your travel plans for Q1 2019. Calendars are tentatively being booked, as conferences, forums, and conventions have set their dates. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider where the … Read More

The deal sourcing game, part deux

Sweet Caroline, oh oh oh As New Yorkers and having celebrated our SPS team outing at the Audi Club at Yankee Stadium this year, we hate to say it, but the Red Sox are the World Champions, clutching the title … Read More

2018 New deal sources

The Fall has kicked off with a flurry of deals and  fourth quarter activity is poised to increase rapidly, as originators and practitioners alike continue to ride the year’s momentum and capitalize on opportunities before the books are closed. The … Read More

Third Quarter Ends Strong

Since January 2018, more than 5,600 deals have closed in North America. In the third quarter alone, ~1,670 deals closed, with 49% trading to an equity investor. As we enter the fourth quarter, it is time to capitalize on all … Read More

Measure the efficacy of your deal sourcing with the SPS DOBR

Earlier this month, SPS released the results of the 8th annual Deal Origination Benchmark Report (DOBR) for its clients. For deal sourcing professionals, the DOBR is a critical benchmark for self-evaluation of strategies and tactics employed. Think of the DOBR … Read More

You are what you Tweet

Over the weekend, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released the details of its settlement with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The issue at hand stemmed from an August tweet in which Musk mused taking Tesla private; the SEC argued that … Read More

To add, or not to add?

Is the add-on strategy paying-off in today’s market of high valuations? Many investors look to buy smaller companies at lower multiples to expand the firm’s portfolio. Once the portfolio reaches scale, it is possible for these investors to achieve multiple … Read More

Will better data analysis lead to better deal relationships?

Deal originators and investors alike are searching for unique ways to use data to navigate this market and exploit market opportunities to improve fund performance. SPS prides itself on its deal sourcing intelligence; this includes its ability to generate new … Read More