Pacific West leads in the first half of 2017

We’ve closed the books on the first-half of 2017. Well…what happened? More than 3,500 transactions traded since the first of the year. January was the busiest month, with nearly 20% of deals closing in it (albeit many of those transactions … Read More

M&A Transaction Trivia!

How versed are you in M&A transactions? In lieu of the holiday commemorating our nation’s 241st birthday, let’s celebrate with M&A Trivia! What could be more American than competing with your friends in the pursuit of trivial knowledge? What’s the largest M&A … Read More

Keeping LPs happy & informed

As an investor or private equity fund, it can be challenging to quantify, as well as qualify the impact of your deal sourcing progression. This is especially true (and perhaps even more tedious) when reporting to Limited Partners (LP). If … Read More

Is your message above the fold?

Let’s revisit a topic that was covered in my inaugural Source post: Deal flow stalled – is it your message?. Messaging is amazingly significant to the success of your brand and story, that it is worth rehashing. Social Media, mobile … Read More

The first harvest!

Every six months, SPS diligently crunches the numbers to see which PE portfolio companies could potentially be ready for exit (to review overall exit activity between Q2 2016 through Q1 2017, read this post). This is a rewarding, albeit complicated … Read More

Sustaining momentum in a seller’s market

AltAssets recently published SPS’ third edition in The Science of Deal Sourcing 101 series, which can be found here. Each of these series (2015, 2016, 2017) examines PE deal logs and what economic factors are impacting these results, as well … Read More

“Summer breeze, makes me feel fine…”

This week kicked off the unofficial start of Summer – lather on that sunblock and dust those off those flip-flops (it could stop raining on the East Coast)! Well, with beach balls and umbrella drinks comes the lull in deal … Read More

Money is relative and time is absolute

I’m fairly new to the M&A world, yet, one thing I can say with complete confidence, money is relative and time is absolute. After spending the last five months on the road, I’ve learned that time is literally of the … Read More

“Real luxury is customization.”

Have you ever donned a bespoke suit, or viewed a display of haute couture evening gowns at the Met? It’s customization at its best. Considering our community of M&A deal originators, wouldn’t it be nice to view the market based … Read More

Get specific!

We collect a ton of data – not Amazon-levels of course, but still a substantial amount. As this data grows, its increased size enables new analyses and perspectives of increasing utility. Ever since we launched the Sell-Side Process (SSP) indicator … Read More