It’s Harvest Season

It is no secret that the current market is extremely competitive, and with valuations showing little to no signs of coming down from their highs, deal originators are having to get increasingly more creative in their sourcing strategies.  In a … Read More

Staffing and human resources transactions increase as unemployment declines

While interest rates stole headlines this week, the unemployment rate has also been on the decline. As the demand for employees has increased, so has the number of deals within the staffing and human resources industry. The unemployment rate has … Read More

What are you paying out of pocket? Could better data lead to better relationships and lower multiples?

Earlier this month, the WSJ reported that “private-equity firms are spending more of their own cash to win deals as soaring purchase prices push debt markets to the limit.” According to the report, private equity investors are contributing more than … Read More

Private equity investment opportunities for H2 2019

“54% of private equity investors feel small to mid-market buyout funds present the best opportunities in the current climate,” according to the Preqin Investor Outlook: Alternative Assets, H1 2019 report released earlier this year. The focus on small to mid-market … Read More

Data & Deal Sourcing: A transformation

“The management teams that embrace analytics are those that you want to back” quips a private equity investor at the Wharton Customer Analytics conference earlier this year in San Francisco. Moreover, “those that actually resist [data analytics] should actually raise … Read More

Is it a recession or the new new thing?

In one ear a recession looms, in the other, private equity is the hot, new asset class for alternative investors. Now, with this week’s speculative WSJ report that Vanguard is considering an entrance into the private equity space, InvestmentNews is … Read More

Getting warmer…

Do megafunds offer the same return on investment as say the Russell 3000 or the MSCI AC World indices? According to the WSJ from earlier this week, the creation of megafunds is tied to the plethora of capital flooding the … Read More

All About the Alternative

In an Institutional Investor piece posted earlier this week, author Amy Whyte describes the growing practice of subscription credit facilities. Many private equity, venture capital, private debt, and real assets funds are adopting this approach to use short-term loans, as … Read More

Standing out in a crowded market

We’re entering the last month of the first half of 2019 and to the surprise of many, the current economic expansion continues to impact the market. As of January 2019, Preqin is reporting that there is $2 trillion in dry … Read More

The need for weed

Cannabis is now mainstream. The once illicit drug is finding its way into many different sectors, as more and more states legalize and remove the barriers of entry into the market. Earlier this month, Business Insider spoke with a few … Read More