capital deployment

Deploying capital in 2018

Considering deploying capital? Enjoy working with Sponsors? To hit the ground running in 2018, wouldn’t it be helpful to know which private equity firms closed a deal for the first time this past year? Over the last twelve months, more … Read More

Hospitality deals

Given to hospitality

Cheers to a year of the Source! For the past twelve months, the Source has covered a range of topics that have spanned the sublime to the ridiculous. And, don’t worry, I’ve big plans for 2018. But, I wanted to … Read More


Lawyers, deals, & money

M&A legal advisors are confronted with a formidable marketplace to search for lucrative deals and expand their business. Year to date (Jan 1 – November 8, 2017), there were more than 2,900 unique attorneys that advised on a transaction, representing … Read More

real time data

Real-Time with SPS

To continue in its quest to provide deal sourcing intelligence that streamlines and improves M&A business development, SPS deployed its newest feature on the SPS Portal this week: Real-Time closed deal data. What is Real-Time data and what does it … Read More

mezzanine debt 2017

Good debt, bad debt, you know I’ve had my share

Late last week, SPS released its quarterly Mezzanine Market Perspective, which focuses on market trends and transaction in the mezzanine space. It also provides data pertaining to transaction activity on a quarter-by-quarter basis going back to Q1 2012. Closed mezzanine transaction … Read More

SPS - 2017 PE Market Coverage Summary - Buyouts

Knowing the numbers

I recently received my 6th and 4th graders’ state test results. If you’re a parent, let me know if this sounds familiar: I tell myself that if the score is low, then tests don’t really tell me about their true … Read More

food sector

Food. It’s what’s for dinner.

Sunday is for groceries. As a reluctant millennial, I’m keen on shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, and avoid food-shopping online. But as a millennial, I do listen to a lot of economic podcasts. During this week’s episode of EconTalk with the … Read More


What is the SPS DOBR?

The 7th annual SPS DOBR is now available! Striving for excellence is a continuous endeavor. Few among us will achieve this feat. In fact, some may argue that it’s an impossible feat to beat. Yet, as we embark on this … Read More

What Stephen Curry could teach private equity

What Stephen Curry could teach private equity

Every June, the NBA holds an annual draft for teams to select new basketball prospects from a pool of eligible players. Once a player is selected, that team has exclusive rights and no other team in the league may sign … Read More

Bamboo tree

Wait for it…

One of the questions which all candidates that want to join the SPS team are asked is, “Do you believe persistence pays off?” While we’ve never had anyone answer, “No,” by probing into past experiences and interpreting responses (both verbal … Read More