The 7th annual SPS DOBR is now available!

Striving for excellence is a continuous endeavor. Few among us will achieve this feat. In fact, some may argue that it’s an impossible feat to beat. Yet, as we embark on this quest to continuously improve both our professional and personal lives, our results should be assessed to determine if we are achieving our objectives.

Many aspects of our lives are defined by metrics: performance, process, or even qualitative. We use these measurements to sort and rank ourselves among our peers. This is not to say that we compare ourselves to others to prove that we are superior, but more to illustrate where adjustments could be made to achieve excellence in this grand adventure.

At SPS, we believe it’s important to set difficult, measurable goals, and celebrate when we achieve those goals. It is from this mindset that we have constructed the 2017 SPS Deal Origination Benchmark Report (DOBR). We think of the 2017 DOBR as a barometer that indicates where deal origination stands as of LTM June 2017, and where it may be headed over the next twelve months.

So, what is the SPS DOBR?

For those not in the know, the SPS DOBR is an annual industry standard, issued each Fall. It compares a sponsor’s market coverage against the overall private equity community. These statistics provide detailed insight to help gauge a firm’s deal sourcing performance. The figures and charts found in the 2017 DOBR pinpoint key areas of strength and those that could be improved for a firm.

The DOBR was expanded this year to included pertinent statistics on the macro environment, as well as detailed market coverage charts that highlight a firm’s overall coverage, as well as a breakdown of industries covered and where the firm stands geographically in their sourcing approach.

As I’ve noted before, we’re data geeks, and nothing excites us more than the collection, the compiling, the calculation, the interpretation, and finally the release of the SPS DOBR (some of my colleagues are probably more than happy to be at the release stage). So, stay tuned for the publication of our annual thought piece that will take a deep dive into this year’s results. While you’re waiting, check out our data and analysis page for more information and a look at previous DOBR editions. Happy sourcing!




Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash.

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