Recently, the SPS team enjoyed a cheese and wine tasting extravaganza prepared by none other than its own resident Gouda cheese expert, Jiwon Kim. With a selection of Gouda cheese from Murray’s Cheese and some pairings of wine and port, the SPS team indulged in a crash course where they learned about how the different ages of Gouda affect the taste and texture of the cheese, and how best to enjoy it.

The cheese reminded one employee of Dr. Spencer Johnson’s famed motivational fable from the late 90s, Who Moved My Cheese? Leading us to wonder how advances in technology, particularly within M&A and deal sourcing, are akin to moving the cheese.

Over the last year, the Source has commented often on AI, machine learning and other advancements within the private equity space, including articles describing how to incorporate Deal Sourcing Robots and other next-generation technology into a firm’s strategy. It is important to be at the tech forefront, as well as prepare for where the cheese may move next, as opposed to reacting to ever evolving, dynamic market forces. There are many products and services available to private equity firms, but the challenge lies in knowing which of these best supports your firm in the origination process. Most industries are faced with similar challenges, but how a firm prepares and incorporates these advancements into their strategy will set them apart from the competition.

Deal originators rely heavily on data and analytics to compete in this crowded marketplace. As such, it is imperative that they are aware of new products and services that they can leverage to manage and utilize data effectively. To anticipate, adapt, and accept where the technology cheese may move, cutting-edge originators should integrate and automate components of their process to streamline deal sourcing.

The SPS Portal offers peace of mind for those in search of the cheese. Users of the Portal are offered means to integrate data intelligently, including partnering with leading CRM solutions, and implementing automated SPS Alerts for users to streamline their coverage of intermediaries and remain on top of recent deal activity.

These programmatic alert notifications are designed to save users time and resources. The alerts provide need-to-know details of recent transactions, as well as top-of-mind firms and professionals. Customized alerts based on your strategy may include a weekly recap of all the transactions that traded in your size range and sector, as well as new deal sources that closed a transaction for the first time in your criteria.

To avoid misplacing the cheese, review these notifications to see if any of the professionals are worth building a relationship with, or to see which of your peers were involved in recently closed deals. By automating parts of your strategy, firms can easily adapt as the cheese moves and technology advances, and perhaps even enjoy the taste of new cheese – much like the SPS team did last week.

Last week’s deals today

April 8 – April 12, 2019

~102 deals traded

Deal of the week

Taylor Farms completed its acquisition of National Selection Foods LLC, dba Earthbound Farms from Danone, SA. Based in San Juan Bautista, CA, Earthbound Farms is an organic produce company. Per the press release, “Earthbound Farm will join the Taylor Farms Retail Group and help lead growth in the dynamic organic fresh produce category.”

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