Raise Your Sector Strategy to

the Next Level with DealEdge and SPS

DealEdge and SPS are two key platforms in Bain & Company’s suite of next-generation private equity data solutions.​

They each help GPs unlock the potential of deal-level networks and analytics. Together, they can take your sector strategy to the next level.

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Raising Sector Strategy
to the Next Level

The Bain & Company Global Private Equity Report 2022 explored what it takes for you to excel with your sector strategy. It identified three key questions that GPs must ask themselves: are they in the right sectors? Are they seeing all the deals in their sector? And does their strategy match their approach? SPS and DealEdge can help private equity firms answer those questions in a way that has never been possible before.

How we can help


Am I playing in the right

With DealEdge, you can compare performance and value creation across more than 560 industry subsectors.

Examine which subsectors are right for your approach, and how winning deals in those areas have created value. Know where you should play, and where you can win.


Am I seeing all the deals in my sector?

SPS data unifies the fragmented deal sourcing environment to show you the full scope of opportunities in your area of expertise.
Get unmatched insight into how much of your target pipeline you’re seeing, and how to expand your view with SPS’s analytics platform.


Does my strategy play to my strengths?

When setting your sector strategy, it’s crucial to have a fine-grained understanding of where your firm has a competitive advantage, so that you can focus your efforts there.
Bain’s sector taxonomy has been built for the specific needs of the private equity industry, giving you a real-world view of the market. Aligned across both DealEdge and SPS, you can compound like-for-like insights to build an unmatched picture of where there are opportunities, and how to access them.

About DealEdge

DealEdge is the private equity industry’s leading provider of deal-level performance and operational analytics. Cut to a deeper layer of insight across every stage of the private equity lifecycle, with powerful deal-level intelligence powered by data for over 35,000 private equity deals across more than 560 industry subsectors.

About SPS

SPS is an award-winning provider of actionable data and analytics for PE and M&A professionals to optimize their business development and deal sourcing efforts. It is a highly comprehensive database of over 90,000 North American private equity and corporate M&A transactions. With unmatched market coverage, SPS gives leading investors full visibility into the deals that matter most, including proprietary data such as EV range, sell-side processes, and the firms and individuals involved in each deal.