Travelling for conferences this Spring?

It’s Spring & conference season is in full swing! Perhaps you attended PartnerConnect East in Boston this week, or are travelling to Texas next week for the ACG Capital Connection. If so, this post from last year is a good … Read More

Can intelligent applications ease the distress of a recession?

Is M&A on the cusp of a recession? Heaps of cash waiting on the sidelines, low interest rates, and deviations in regulatory rules are conceivably good signs for the M&A industry, right? Maybe. But, perhaps there is something much graver … Read More

Are Advisors ready for the private equity boom?

The buyout boom is soon to commence, so went the headlines this week. The Trump administration has altered the rules on debt, thus shifting the M&A landscape. Per Josh Kosman at the New York Post, regulators “last week lit the … Read More

Thinking is the best way to travel

The data has been integrated, the process has been automated, and now you would like to intelligently apply this information to grow more meaningful relationships. Our intelligent future will greatly impact the Energy, Materials, and Financial industries, and as such … Read More

And, the unlikely winner of this seller’s market is…

Who is the untold winner in this market?   Mergers & Acquisitions magazine published an excellent piece this week, by Keith Button entitled, High prices for deals push private equity firms to retool acquisition strategies. Of the many salient points, one that … Read More

Where is the exit sign?

What happened to exits? Per multiple sources and news headlines, 2017 was billed as the year of the exit. Taking a step back, let’s review private equity exits over the last four years. It’s no surprise that 2014 was a … Read More

I’ll be watching you

Tinder, eHarmony, and the like prove that Cupid needs encouragement. The plump fellow is preoccupied nocking his arrow to shoot anxious lovelorn contenders. Give Cupid a breather, and take fate into your own hands. Personal relationships are getting a boost … Read More

The robots are coming!

Much has been made over the efficacy of disruptive tech advancements that are transforming our daily lives. Put aside the despotic Hollywood ending and consider that many of these advancements in technologies are not a question of when do the … Read More


Where are your sponsor relationships concentrated?

The SPS Mezzanine Market Perspective is available here. The Perspective details the breakdown of the mezzanine market and a few notable transactions during the latest period. Subscribe now! Notable mezzanine transaction Earlier this month, Upstream Rehabilitation Inc. (Revelstoke Capital Partners‘ … Read More

‘Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane

M&A in space? NASA announced recently that it has postponed its plan to use private spacecraft to transport astronauts into orbit, per the Wall Street Journal. The plan, originally scheduled for Spring of 2017, is to use both Boeing and … Read More