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Sponsors Grow More Desirable as Deal Sources

Owners of family-run companies typically avoid selling during economic downturns. Far better, they figure, to wait until cash flows and valuations revive. Similarly, corporations prefer hanging on to non-core divisions until better times arrive. That way the cash generated from the sale for shareholders can be maximized. Sponsors that have companies ripe for sale like strong economies and high valuations as much as the next seller. But they also have motivations to sell that other kinds of sellers don’t, even during downturns.

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Source Talks ep. 29

In this interview, David Toll of speaks with Stuart Sitterson, Director of Business Development at Gryphon Investors on their operational focus and how they use data to source deals amidst a changing BD landscape.

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Introducing SPS’ New Industry Taxonomy – Smarter Deal Sourcing Data

SPS by Bain & Co. enhances platform with sophisticated new industry taxonomy and reclassifies entire historical database of over 90,000 transactions. What does it mean? Simply put, a “taxonomy” is the hierarchical structure by which data is organized. The new structure significantly expands the volume

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Source Talks ep. 28

Source Talks is a series where we discuss deal origination with expert PE and M&A pros. In this interview, David Toll of speaks with Natalie Yates, Head of Business Development & Investor Relations at Vance Street Capital on their targeted investment approach and the value of attending conferences to develop relationships

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