Deal Sourcing Transformed

Most Private Equity professionals see only 10% to 30% of deals within their target universe. SPS provides deal sourcing intelligence to streamline and improve business development.

Firms are chasing more deals alongside greater competition than ever before. SPS helps boost sourcing capabilities by analyzing missed opportunities and filling in gaps in your coverage, benchmarking performance against competitors, identifying potential broken deals, and scoping out attractive sponsor-owned targets. Its custom interface and thorough filters make it easy to parse the data and glean actionable insights, ensuring you see more relevant deals and miss fewer opportunities.

Benefits and perks

SPS Fusion

Integrate SPS into your CRM to access all pertinent deal, firm and professional contact data in a single location

SPS Alerts

Customized to notify you of deal activity in your target, new deal sources, and aged PE portfolio holdings that may be ready for exit or refinancing

Historical Deal Pipeline

Transform your historical deal pipeline into an active resource for broken processes and transactions that never traded

PE Harvest

Target and identify promising PE portfolio holdings before they surface and gain ground with early diligence

LP Reporting

Satisfy LP due diligence on deal sourcing with real data and better messaging

Sell-side Process Index

Evaluate the level of competition on target market deals, and filter intermediaries by who runs the most limited process

Mobile App

The power of the SPS Portal on your mobile device, to transform business development on the go

Conference Evaluator

Screen conferences for relevant attendees based on transactions they’ve completed in your target, with detailed deal and contact information

Optimize Business Travel

Identify in-market opportunities based on the locations of top active professionals

Query Center

One click access to key sourcing analyses such as the most active firms involved in PE Exits, and relevant LTM Active Advisors and Sponsors

Custom Reports

Analyses like our annual DOBR allow you to compare your firm’s market coverage to average and top-quartile firms in your peer group.

Boost Your Buy- and-Build Strategy

Drill down by sub-sector to uncover below the radar add-on acquisition opportunities and engage the most active intermediaries and alternative deal sources

Comprehensive Intermediary Data

Integrating with leading CRM platforms to enable users to access real-time customize M&A deal and professional data, for unmatched coverage of the intermediary landscape for your target market.

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