Private Equity Harvest Report

Over 5,100+ companies that originally traded to PE investors between 2012-2019, are still being held and may trade again soon.

Delivered exclusively to SPS clients, the Private Equity (PE) Harvest suite of capabilities is tailored to each firm’s target investment criteria – enabling BD teams to identify active portfolio companies (“PortCos”), source potential secondary buyouts, target minority investments, and get ahead of deals before they go to market. 

The SPS 2023 Private Equity Harvest Report leverages proprietary data techniques to reveal often-overlooked opportunities, analyzing PE portfolio holdings through several strategic lenses:


The February 2022 edition highlights over 5,100 companies that originally traded between 2013 – 2018 are still being held, and may trade again soon!

APRIL 2021

The April 2021 edition highlights 5,000+ PE portfolio companies that were acquired between 2010 – 2017.

July 2019

The July 2019 Edition highlights 5,600+ PE portfolio companies that were acquired between 2012.

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