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Nikhil Bhat

Managing Director

“Building a best-in-class sourcing and business development function is a key strategic imperative for Vestar. SPS’ data provides valuable insight, helping us focus our energies in areas that will yield the greatest opportunity. We also value their consultative, partnership-oriented approach.”

Matt Picciano


“We have been using SPS for several years now. It provides one-of-a-kind solution that helps us be more targeted in our deal origination efforts, and helps us add new deal sources to our network”

Chip Grace

Founding Partner

“SPS has been a valued partner to May River in enhancing our origination efforts. Given our focus on industrial companies, we can be very targeted in our efforts to identify highly relevant sources of deal flow in addition to benchmarking against our peers.”

Patrick Quay

Vice President

“SPS streamlines many of our internal market coverage processes so that our investment professionals become more efficient in their business development efforts while also providing the firm’s leadership with valuable, data-driven insights.”

Derry Burns


“SPS has been a valuable resource, giving us the ability to optimize our time and allowing us to be more strategic in our deal sourcing efforts.”

Matthew Thompson

Managing Partner

“As a sector-focused fund, deal sourcing is ingrained in our DNA and critical to our success. SPS provides us cutting edge tools and analytics to stay ahead of our competition”

Tom C. Aronson

Managing Director & Principal

“Applying the SPS data to our sourcing strategy has given us better visibility into our market. The integration with our CRM has been very beneficial to our sourcing process.”

Scott Erickson

Principal, Head of Business Development

“SPS has been an invaluable resource to our business development approach. The tools and support team have made travel, relationship development, and tracking deals much more efficient.”

Joe Heinen


“SPS is very forward thinking in their approach to leveraging data analytics and automation for effective deal sourcing. Plus, they have a very client-centric philosophy.”

Kristin Johnson

Managing Director

“SPS has been a valuable resource for our business development efforts. Their comprehensive, proprietary data has allowed us to efficiently identify areas of the market where we should be spending more time.”

Tim Frend


“SPS is the best platform to identify coverage gaps and find targeted deal sources that can serve as thought partners given relevant experience.”

Stephen B. Connor

Director, Business Development

“SPS has become an integral part of our origination strategy. It gives us confidence that we’re covering the intermediary universe, especially newly established ones. It also helps us to see relevant deal flow from bankers and if we’re not we can find out why.”

Andrew Peix


“Sutton Place has helped our team identify potential gaps in our BD coverage. As a result of the platform, we’ve been able to develop new relationships with intermediaries and find deals we may have otherwise missed.”

Kerri Hagen

Vice President

“SPS is an integral part of our sourcing efforts. They provide valuable insight into middle market intermediaries to help us better target relevant deal sources. Their team is a pleasure to work with.”

David Duke

Managing Director, Business Development

“SPS is key to our sourcing and relationship development strategy and execution. Not only does the data provide valuable insights as to where we should spend time, their custom client service helps us constantly improve how we use it.”

Jack Waterstreet

Managing Partner

“After using SPS at our prior firm, it was an easy decision to sign up when we started Sky Island. SPS allows us to be incredibly efficient with the time and resources we dedicate to business development. And, with their constant addition of new features, it becomes an even more valuable tool over time.”

Aakash Patel


“SPS has bolstered our business development efforts by providing us with proprietary, relevant data and analytics that is customized to our investment strategy and target markets.”

Bill Winterer

Partner, Head of Capital Markets

“The depth and breadth of transactional data is impressive. It’s a great tool to follow deals that were in the market, track up-and-coming investment banks and with which to compare our deal flow.”

Daniel H. Galpern


“SPS has become a trusted partner in providing actionable data and usable analytics to drive relationship management and constantly improve our deal origination.”

Christen Paras

Director, Business Development and Investor Relations

“Not only does SPS data help us to discover new intermediary relationships and pick our spots on coverage, but the SPS team is also always eager to collaborate on customized analyses that enable us to continuously refine our approach to deal origination.”

Kara Master


“SPS’s platform and excellent relationship management team have provided us with deal sourcing insights and analytics to better assess our market coverage and identify areas for improvement.”

Carlos Soto

Principal & Head of Business Development

“SPS provides our team with vital insight into the M&A marketplace in North America, and helps us to expand and improve upon our sourcing relationships with intermediaries.”

Patrick J. Jensen


“SPS is continually innovative in its approach to discover new and efficient ways to enhance our deal sourcing efforts. Their team is very responsive and client-centric, and we value the partnership.”

Andy Cook


“SPS helps us to fine-tune our sourcing strategy by providing actionable data on relevant intermediaries.”

Scott McCormack


“The Sutton Place Strategies platform allows us to identify intermediaries relevant to our investment strategy and efficiently reach out to them. Our business development efforts have been more effective and expansive with SPS.”

Ben DeRosa


“SPS expands our awareness of relevant markets and professionals for our business development efforts. Their unique approach allows us to unearth warm leads into people we are targeting, and gives us an edge to win more business in a competitive market.”

Jay I. “Bud” Applebaum


“SPS is incredibly user friendly and responsive to our requests. We benefit from SPS’ unique insight on the marketplace and consider them a truly value added partner to Wingate.”

Erik Sewell

Vice President

“We use SPS more than any other dataset. It provides our team with a multi-faceted tool that helps us in all aspects of M&A. The data and web portal offer unique insights, and the SPS team is very resourceful and adds a lot of value.”

Zeena Rao

Managing Director

“The data analytics and tools SPS provides have been very helpful in assessing and improving our deal origination. They have a strong understanding of the private equity market and have been great partners to us.”

Jeffrey Stevenson

Managing Partner

“Sutton Place Strategies provides us an invaluable tool to improve the effectiveness of our deal sourcing, helping us enhance coverage of our target market and increase quality deal flow.”

Phillip J. Olson

Partner, Business Development

“SPS has not only been an effective sourcing tool but a game-changer in terms of relationship management. We leverage their comprehensive data and integration capabilities to more effectively cover our banking relationships and track relevant deal flow.”

Michael Kaplan

Managing Director

“Their proprietary data is helping us to increase the effectiveness of our deal sourcing strategies.”

John Beauclair


“At New State Capital we pride ourselves on our commitment to superior deal sourcing. SPS has provided us the tools needed to benchmark our performance and keep up with the ever-changing community of intermediaries. As important, the web interface creates an intuitive user experience.”

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Jack Senneff

Managing Director, Deal Origination

“SPS helps inform our deal origination strategy and provides us with a better understanding of our fragmented and dynamic market. Their team is responsive and intelligent and they’ve been strong partners for us over the past number of years.”

Gerson R. Guzman

Managing Director & COO

“SPS provides actionable data for us to continuously improve our deal origination efforts.”

Zubin Avari

General Partner

“SPS has become a vital resource behind our business development efforts. Their outstanding coverage of the middle market and rich database allows us to keep abreast of new deals and dealmakers in the sectors we target.”

Eliot Kerlin Jr.


“SPS provides actionable data for us to use in prioritizing our sourcing efforts and scheduling meetings. And their new app/web interface is a rich intuitive source of insightful analytics.”

John Donahue

Managing Director, Business Development

“SPS stands out compared to other data vendors and services providers in our space. They give us unparalleled insight on how to best optimize our deal sourcing, and deliver outstanding customer support.”

Andrew Fulford

Vice President, Corporate Development

“We appreciate not only the responsiveness of the SPS team, but their willingness to understand our business. We continue to use the platform in new ways, and with a sharper strategic focus.”

Rachel Hannon

Principal, Business Development & Investor Relations

“Sutton Place has been a great resource to support the backbone of our business development efforts with intermediaries. The SPS team is very responsive and ensures you get the most out of the data for your firm’s distinct needs.”

Brian A. Demkowicz

Managing Partner

“The visibility into our market share and information on new active deal sources that SPS provides is a valuable resource in our commitment to excellence in business development.”

Sheila Dharmarajan

Head of Business Development

“Sutton Place Strategies has been an invaluable resource for our deal origination efforts. Their data has allowed us to be more strategic, and introduced us to new relevant deal sources.”