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Sponsors can’t get enough of the consolidation play

When the predecessor to Chicago-based GTCR began buying up small companies in the 1980s and combining them into larger ones, the strategy was seen as something of a novelty. The titans of that decade, including KKR & Co, went after big fish and swallowed them whole. Who needed

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Success a Relative Term

What defines the success of a firm’s deal sourcing efforts? For over a decade, we’ve been in the business of helping PE firms improve their business development strategies. One thing is absolute: there is no one measure for deal sourcing performance, because each firm’s strategy

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Q1 2022 Mezzanine Market Perspective

The SPS Research Team published the Q1 2022 Mezzanine Market Perspective in May 2022. The report focuses on market trends and transactions in the mezzanine space. At a Glance Mezzanine activity for the LTM period ending December 31st increased approximately 58% YoY from 244 deals to 385 deals. Compared to the previous quarter (Q3

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