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On a personal note— 

Belle Verhulst here, Marketing Manager over at SPS. As I’m coming up on my 2.5-year mark with SPS, I thought I’d pull back the curtain to extend a sincere thanks to our clients, and anyone else who appreciates the insights we share. Our team is chock full of diligent, curious people working across every functional area to deliver a quality product. We are grounded in our shared purpose to continuously refine a product that in essence, makes others’ professional lives better. We listen to our clients, implementing any and all product features we believe will benefit them. We ideate, iterate, and sometimes (respectfully) debate about what those could be. Our shared value for perpetual improvement makes SPS a truly inspiring place to work, and we’re immensely grateful to our clients who afford us that opportunity.  

Never is our gratitude more deeply felt than when we hear from our clients that we’re hitting our mark. Recently, we updated our website with a fresh batch of new testimonials. It’s an absolute delight to our whole team when clients elect to share their experience with SPS as a value add to their deal sourcing operation. These SPS success stories from the PE community are what keep us going. 

– BV 

Browse some of our latest client endorsements below, or view all of them here. 

“The SPS platform has made our approach to business development much more efficient. The map feature has been a lifesaver, enabling us to pinpoint active intermediaries and streamline our travel strategy. The mobile app is incredibly convenient when we’re on the go, and the email alerts help us prioritize outreach for more targeted results.” 

– Michelle Eidson, Principal & Head of Business Development 

“SPS has transformed the way we approach deal sourcing. Their data has enabled our team to think more strategically about our outbound efforts and expand our reach of relevant opportunities that we might otherwise miss. The SPS team has proven to be a great partner, working collaboratively to ensure their solution fits our requirements.” 

– Warren Knapp, Partner 

“Not being equipped with SPS in this golden age of data is akin to driving a car without a navigation system. As data-driven, thoughtful, and strategic investors, we leverage SPS data and analytics to identify, evaluate, and prioritize our opportunities.” 

– Jamie Kim, Head of Business Development 

“With SPS, BD professionals can sleep soundly knowing they’re not missing any relevant deals.” 

– Mark Gartner, Managing Director – Investment Development 

“SPS has enabled us to be systematic and highly targeted when it comes to deepening our intermediary dialogue beyond the existing relationships we already have. The data provided has revealed deal sourcing insights we would otherwise not be aware of or have access to.” 

– Vladimir Andonov, Managing Director of Business Development 

“The intermediary landscape is constantly evolving, and SPS allows us to seamlessly pinpoint those with specific industry experience, as well as efficiently identify emerging intermediaries who are increasingly active in our segment of the market.” 

– Townsend Bancroft, Partner 

“SPS’ data has sharpened our approach to delivering differentiated alpha within private equity. We now know who is the most active in various market subsectors and who we should work with on bespoke, executive-led, deal angles.” 

– Scott Estill, Managing Partner 

“SPS provides a depth of insight into closed deals and participants, which is particularly valuable when exploring specific industry verticals. We’ve integrated these data points into our discussions with advisors, allowing us to deepen our understanding of trends in each space and navigate new sectors with confidence.” 

– Nick Matzke, Director of Business Development 


“SPS has been a value-added partner and exceptional tool for us to track the market. It’s been especially helpful for us to gauge the lender activity and identify new PE sponsors that are utilizing junior capital.” 

– David Sampair, Principal 

“Even after multiple years with SPS, we still find new ways to leverage their data. By streamlining our deal tracking process, providing banker information, delivering market insights, and automating coverage reports, SPS has really enhanced the efficiency of our intermediary coverage and analysis.”

– Gillian Rhew, Director of Business Development

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