2022 deal origination benchMark report

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PE firms saw a median 18% of relevant deals in 2022.

The 2022 SPS Deal Origination Benchmark Report (DOBR) is an annual publication received by each qualifying SPS client comparing its market coverage to a peer group of similar private equity firms and the overall industry.

The report provides detailed analysis on each sponsor’s deal sourcing strategy relative to its peers, allowing the firm to gauge its performance and prioritize specific areas for additional focus in the year ahead. It is the industry standard, creating a comprehensive view of a firm’s origination effectiveness.

This summary of the 2022 edition includes results from 166 qualified PE firms segmented into 8 different peer groups, and it indicates that firms saw an average 18.2% of their target market deal flow.

Deal Sourcing Transformed

SPS is a highly comprehensive database of over 90,000 North American private equity and corporate M&A transactions. With unmatched market coverage, SPS gives leading investors full visibility into the deals that matter most, including proprietary data such as EV range, sell-side processes, and the firms and individuals involved in each deal.