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Network IRL for a Competitive Edge – SPS’ Travel Planning Suite 

With quality being scarce in today’s competitive deal landscape, direct contact by way of in-office meetings and conference attendance has a material impact on likelihood to win a deal. And this spring, a focused, refined, and data-driven travel strategy may just be the edge your firm needs to win.  

The keys to successful deal sourcing on the road are ensuring your team is informed on the geographical areas of impact for your target market deal flow, and connecting with all the relevant sellers and bankers to make the most of your time wherever you are. Stay in the know on all the resources SPS’s travel planning suite offers to set you and your team up for success.  

Top Missed Cities 

When devising your travel schedule for the quarter ahead, SPS clients can take advantage of the Top Missed Cities Report. Customized for your target by our Client Strategy team, the report presents a dynamic table of cities. It showcases the total number of deals closed by professionals in each city (irrespective of firm headquarters) and the percentage of those deals missed by the client, allowing you to fill gaps in your network and improve geographic coverage.  

Mobile App 

Once on the ground, the SPS Mobile App is designed to empower users with access to critical SPS data anytime, anywhere, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to network effectively.  

Our mapping function utilizes geospatial technology to pinpoint nearby professionals aligned with your network and investment focus, making networking efficient and targeted. The location-based professional lookup tool enables you to easily search for professionals in your vicinity, access their contact information, and review their relevant deal activity. Use it to optimize your schedule, and seamlessly fill gaps in your itinerary during networking trips. 

Other Key Features of the Mobile App: 

  • Real-Time Data: Access firm and professional profiles, complete with up-to-date contact information, ensuring you’re always equipped with the latest information. 
  • Review Deal Activity: Gain insights into past deal activity and mutual contacts, facilitating informed decision-making when establishing new professional connections. 
  • Direct Communication: Initiate meetings with relevant professionals directly from the app through calls or emails, streamlining the networking process. 

Map Functionality

The Maps tab on deal search results serves up an interactive heatmap, pinpointing the headquarters of each target company with precision. For professionals searching for contacts, leveraging the Maps tab proves invaluable for travel planning, offering a clear view of individual professionals’ locations regardless of firm headquarters. What’s more, the Deal locations tab provides an interactive snapshot of a firm’s deal activity over the past three years, facilitating informed decision-making without the sales pitch. 

Conference Evaluator

The Conference Evaluator is aimed to provide a data-driven approach to conference planning and relationship management. The powerful tool is designed to assist users in highlighting active firms within a target segment and identifying which professionals to prioritize meeting at conferences. Its capabilities extend beyond conference planning, offering utility in cleaning up CRM databases and providing valuable insights into past interactions with firms and professionals.

By cross-referencing inputted professionals and firms against the comprehensive SPS database, the tool can answer crucial questions such as:

  • Which professionals or firms have engaged in deals within the target area?
  • How many of these firms have been involved in relevant deals in the past three years, and which professionals were part of these transactions?
  • Are any of these firms acting as sell-side advisors for these transactions?

Whether you are planning for a networking trip, meetings, or conferences, the SPS travel planning suite has all your bases covered to ensure you are making the most of your time and efforts.

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