Source Talks ep. 34

In this interview, David Toll of catches up with David Harvey of Harvey & Company LLC about the boom in add-on acquisitions over recent years, and PE’s increasing interest in European transactions.

PE Sellers Holding Quality Assets – A Waiting Game

Recent years’ events have given us in the M&A deal sourcing world a sort of whiplash not previously encountered. The steady growth of deal activity over the past decade has been suspended, with the initial pandemic drop giving way to soaring levels through 2021. That boom has been punctuated by looming threats of a decline induced by today’s turbulent economy, supply chain shock, rising inflation and interest rates, and geopolitical tensions – to name a few contributing factors.

Source Talks ep. 33

In this interview, David Toll of speaks with David Clark, Managing Director and Head of Financial Sponsors at Raymond James on the cautious approach buyers are adopting, and what he predicts for valuations in the months ahead.

Source Talks ep. 32

In this interview, David Toll of speaks with Ian Larkin, CEO at Maranon Capital on their record-high year for deal flow and how the prospect of a recession is impacting their investment approach.

Resources to prepare for what’s ahead

Though some GPs are ahead of pace in fundraising, LPs may take their time putting additional capital to work given the current market environment. And while the outlook for the coming quarters is uncertain, one thing is not: building during a downturn and delivering into the rebound is a recipe for success!